Tsukishima-2: Life behind tourists spot

With our last post, we Tokyo As It Is have started featuring Tsukishima, well known for its "Monja enthusiasm". 

Don't miss backstreets

Once you fill up your stomach with Monja at one of these Monja places, get yourself lost by walking through these narrower backstreets. They provide limitless photogenic scenes. (but stay respectful not to intrude on their privacy)

Considering its closeness to Tokyo's (=Japan's) heart of economy , it's surprising to see that this area still maintains this old, Showa-era vibe. 

Even for us Japanese, this atmosphere is something special nowadays. I happened to take the photo of a photographer keenly adjusting his camera.

Why so different & unique?

From my perspective, what is making this area more interesting is there aren't so many skyscrapers like typical blocks of Tokyo. This narrowness of the streets suggests how old the area is & spiderweb-like power lines as well. 

However, the backdrop of newly built high-rise condos tells you a wave of redevelopment is coming closer. 

What do you feel from the back of this old gentleman entering a barber? Wonderful community feeling is still alive here.

To be continued...

Thanks for reading.

Posted by 3e-Tokyo.

Access to Tsukishima:

Tokyo Metro: Yurakucho Line

Toei Subway: O-Edo Line


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