Tsukishima-1: Battle of Monja goes on.

Our new series featuring Tokyo Bay Area starts today! You'll probably see the unknown side of Tokyo in this hood.

Subway only

To reach this area, take Tokyo Metro Yurakucho Line or Toei O-Edo Line. No JR lines takes you there, so keep in mind that your JR pass doesn't work for the subway network here.

First of all, check the most famous attraction of this area "Tsukishima Nishi-Nakadori Shoten Gai",  a.k.a."Monja Street".  where you can conveniently access from the exit 7 & 8

One of some islands

If you wanna get a bigger picture, check Tokyo Bay Area on the Google map. Then you'll find some small islands linked with one another & the main land. This geographical characteristic has madeTsukishima & its neighboring area Tsukudajima really unique. 

Why so popular & famous?

The greatest tourist attraction of the area is this particular dish, Monja Yaki. I don't try to explain it in detail here (it's gonna be toooooo long for here), so please refer to the video below or link here.

Traditionally, People in Osaka & Hiroshima have taken a huge pride in Okonomiyaki & one in Tokyo have done the same for this menu. 

60 stores, same business, same street

As its name suggests, this long & old shopping street is lined with roughly 60 Monja restaurants! Can you believe more than 50 eating places are making one particular type of dish (though there're some variations inside) on the same street every day? 

The street consists of 4 different blocks, but most of them are specialty Monja restaurants!

To be continued!

Thanks for reading.

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Access to Tsukishima:

Tokyo Metro: Yurakucho Line

Toei Subway: O-Edo Line


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