Kitanomaru Park & Showa Kan

Take a walk in Kitanomaru Park! 

As we have reported in our previous posts, world's famous concert venue in Tokyo, Budokan is standing close to some important cultural heritages. And technically, it's located in a huge park named Kitanomaru Park.

For many years, this park has functioned as a valuable green space for urban dwellers who are bravely enough to live in the heart of Tokyo. As the premise itself used to be a part of Edo Castle, this park is incredibly enormous! 

Stream & trees

As I went there on a harsh winter day when winds were sooo cold & merciless, there were only a few groups there. (Wish you could feel it from my pics!)

But I heard that so many people visit this park in spring to enjoy seeing beautiful cherry blossoms. If you're planning to visit Tokyo this coming spring, put this park on your itinerary!

And what is making this spot so special in terms of cherry blossom watching is water (moat) surrounding this whole park. Thanks to nice light-up service at night, everyone can take a pic of vivid pink & reflections. 

What is that weird design?

On your way back to Kudanshita station, one modern design on you right will probably interest you. That's a facility called "Showa Kan"

This is a kind of museum showing typical Japanese lifestyle back in war-time & after that. 

Though I didn't go inside on the day, its architectural features could be interesting enough. You can find an object next to the entrance.

Getting closer to it, you'll find its walls are not full flat. This building was designed by a well-known Japanese architect, Kiyonori Kikutake, who also designed a symbolic department store in Shibuya, Seibu Department Store

If you hit this area, don't focus on Kitanomaru Park! There more to see!

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Showa Kan:

open: 10am-5:pm

close: Monday

Fee: ¥300

Info: here 


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