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Where the history has been made

Though it originally started as a venue for Budo ( traditional Japanese sports like Judo and Karate) events, history or integrity of this place could be much more related to musical events

The beginning of the whole story was the British monster band, The Beatles' Tokyo show in 1966. There's no doubt that the event decisively directed the fate of Budokan as a legendary concert venue.

Legend's favorite

Among many bands or musicians who love this particular place, the most outstanding one (in many ways) is E.C.= Eric Clapton. This guitar maestro never fails to include this relatively small stage for him in his Japan Tour schedule. 

It's not just one or 2 nights. He usually plays at this venue 4 or 5 nights every time he tours Japan! 

Another rock & roll monster who made Budokan worldwide was the long-lived British band, Deep Purple. Their live album recorded at the venue "Made in Japan" became a milestone for the guitar-driven group.

Architectural attraction

Even if you're not so much interested in those rock musicians, there still is a way to enjoy this place, which is an architectural point of view.

As it was built roughly 50 years ago, it doesn't have modern curves or sophisticated feelings with its appearance. You can find so many straight lines run both horizontally & vertically, instead.

However, in today's Tokyo where streamlined & curvy buildings are ever increasing, the presence of straightforward design like this is becoming more valuable.

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Nippon Budokan:

Access: Tokyo Metro Kudanshita station


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