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Hello Budokan!

If you're a pop/rock music fan, you might have heard this phrase sometime in the past, by watching or listening to "Live in Japan" or "Japan Tour 20XX" thing. Our next couple of posts feature Tokyo's most iconic concert venue Nippon Budokan & other facilities nearby. 

Kudanshita station

The most common way to reach Budokan is taking Tokyo Metro either Hanzomon Line (purple) or Tozai Line (blue) and get off at Kudanshita station. Then you're gonna find series of signs like this that lead you to Nippon Budokan, so just follow them.

380 year-old gates: Tayasu-mon Gate

Getting out of the exit 2, 3-min walk will take you to this smaller gate. Even this tiny piece might remind you of Japan in Samurai movies!

Overwhelming stone walls & door

Right after the smaller gate, you're gonna see this larger one with astonishingly beautiful stone walls, named Tayasu-mon Gate.

This definitely makes you wonder how the people back in 16th century built up the gate & Edo castle at this scale. 

Don't miss its wooden parts

Though not being an architecture freak, I couldn't leave this place without photographing these details of the gate.

If you have enough time to stop, look at this door closely. You'll have no choice but to think about how many metal & wooden parts actually consist of this beauty.

Just go there & touch pieces of wisdom our ancestors had!

To be continued! 

Thanks for reading.

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Nippon Budokan / Tayasu-mon Gate

Access: Tokyo Metro Kudanshita station


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