Tokyo Ramen Report: Nogata Hope-2

How was the complimentary options?

As I mentioned in our last post, they were offering complimentary side dishes or drink on the day I visited Nogata Hope Takadano-baba location. What I picked was Fried dumplings. 

 Skin outside was cooked crispy & the taste was also good enough.

It was hard to believe that a male high school student next to me was eating curry rice as a side dish of ramen...It didn't look small, so be careful ladies! 

Hajime: inspired by the original menu

This is the one I ordered, named "Hajime" ¥750. The explanation in the menu book says this is a kind of "back-to-basics" dish for them. 

Yes, those fully accustomed to the bowls created in the middle of the Ramen Revolution in the recent years might think this too simple. However, this is how typical ramen looked back in 80s & 90s! 

Seabura: Mild pork back fat

If you're a Tonkotsu lover, you must know "Seabura", pork back fat generally sprinkled on top of the bowl at the final cooking stage. As long as its amount is moderate, it contributes to giving a greater flavor & keeping ramen soup warm longer.


Nowdays this has already become a standard for Tonkotsu ramen in Japan & most ramen places including this shop ask you how much seabura you want at a time of ordering. 

Good mixture of different flavors

The biggest attraction with this ramen for me was its pleasant complexity of the soup. Of course, the main flavor of it is undoubtedly Tonkotsu, but it reminded me of a flavor of nostargic Chuka Soba (more primitive type of ramen) every time I sipped.

Needless to say, this layers of flavors made me really happy! Probably, this is exactly what they aimed at with this particular dish & it seems to have been successfully achieved, thinking about the concept of it, "back-to-basics".

Chewy, mid-thick noodles 

Despite my preference to thin noodles, I thought the size of noodles here was a perfect match with this flavorful soup with seabura. Its chewy texture is certainly enhancing "happy-to-slurp" feeling! 

Considering their convenient locations, cost-effectiveness & well-produced bowls, it is no wonder why this brand has established current position in the competitive market in Tokyo. Must-try, guys! 

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Nogata Hope:

Website: here

open: 11:00am-4:00am

(Takadano-baba location)

Map: here

(5 min-walk from JR/Tokyo Metro Takadano-baba sta.)


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