Tokyo Ramen Report: Nogata Hope-1

Long-established shop

Nogata Hope, long standing ramen shop based in Nogata, Tokyo, has now 9 locations in the greater Tokyo area. Thinking about its history, it's good enough to be called "long-established" brand as they have survived in the toughest ramen Market in the world.

Modern cafe-like ramen place

The part I like about them is the nice balance between oldness and newness. Stepping inside, you can feel this 29-year-old brand is trying to change flexibly unlike typical old ramen shops which have blindly believed in their original style.

Look at this cool light shades! A perfect twist for a ramen shop with long history.

Generous free service

On the day when I visited their Takadano-baba location, which is closest one from Shinjuku area, they were offering special free options. You can pick one out of extra noodles, fried dumplings, soft drink or surprisingly, curry rice as a side dish of ramen you order!

Back to the roots!

The one I ordered from a wide variety of ramen menu was" Hajime" ¥750. In Japanese, "hajime" means original or the very first stage of the process. As you can guess, this particular menu was inspired by their original recipe. 

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Nogata Hope:

Website: here

open: 11:00am-4:00am

(Takadano-baba location)


  • 1000 / 1000