Convenience Store Updates: 1/13/2017

It's a trend setter in our society!

Hello guys! This is our new article series which regularly features new & seasonal items from different convenience store chains in Tokyo! I know some of you are quite skeptical about this viewpoint, but don't downgrade this particular part of our culture!

Try some different convenience store "brands" while you're here! 

Almond & Chocolate Donuts / Family Mart

In the recent years,  Family Mart, the 3rd biggest player of the industry, has actively developed their variety of donuts, battling against specialty stores like Mister Donut & Krispy Kreme from the US.

What I've tested recently is this, Almond & Chocolate Donuts (Whipped Cream), ¥138.

Crunchy, sweet & creamy

Among their conservative lineup, this could be a bit more unique than others. As you can see, it's topped with generous amount of crushed almonds, which is crunchy enough!

Cutting it in half, you can clearly see how it consists of. The cutest section of the donuts, bunch of whipped cream is layered in the mid-section, sandwiched by some dough layers.

If I have to point out one shortcoming, hopefully, this dough should be a bit more flaky. As its texture is not so characteristic, I was so much focused on its cream-related parts.


Totally creamy & sweet. If you have a sweet tooth, this is a go-to treat for you, but make sure you have a cup of coffee or tea with it.  In total, this could be a good deal considering its price.

Thanks for reading.

Posted by 3e-Tokyo.


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