Donuts war in Japan: Mister Donut

Changing market 

What's your relation with donuts? Is it a go-to treat or something reminds you of your mom's cooking? Of course, it has been a very common form of sweets in Japan as well, but the market has drastically changed in the last couple of years.

Intruder: Krispy kreme

Though Japanese donuts chain, Mister Donut had been one and only in the market for many years, the scene has started evolving since the huge wave from the US, Krispy Kreme came into Japan in the mid 2000s. It was hugely welcomed & certainly raised the standard of the market.

Greatest invention by Mister Donuts

Today I'm gonna introduce you Mister Donut's one of the best selling items, Pon De Ring. I still remember how this became such a sensation when it was originally launched. 

As this unique appearance was combined with positive feedback from those actually ate, it successfully got a huge attention. The biggest reason why this particular item turned into their new favorite was its original chewy texture unlike typical donuts have. 

Groundbreaking approach: Tapioka pearls 

According to the official source, the key ingredient was tapioca (chewy black pearls/balls you usually see at the bottom of bubble tea or boba milk tea) Now it's already been 10 years since its original release, so we Japanese take it for granted. However, I believe that this pleasant chewiness is really epoch-making.

If you're a donuts lover, it's worth trying. This chain is almost everywhere all across Japan & most of their menus are quite reasonable.

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Mister Donut Shinjuku

menu: here

open: 6:00am-2:00am

location: 5-7 mins walk from JR Shinjuku station 


  • 1000 / 1000