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Unknown part of Tokyo

Mrs. Candy, a veteran Japanese culture watcher & photographer, whom I luckily got connected with on Twitter, took me to Minami Sunamachi area, after Godzilla Eating Party.

As this area is the eastern edge of Tokyo right before Chiba Prefecture, it wouldn't be easily appeared on the radar of the people like me who mainly live in the western part of Tokyo. 

Vintage residential area

Stepping out of the Minami Sunamachi station on Tokyo Metro Tozai Line, what I saw there was a very typical, old residential area filled with vintage 5-story apartment buildings. I believe it was a cookie-cutter approach adopted everywhere in the late 60s & 70s to provide a space to live to the middle class those days. 

But it was really interesting to see these aged apartments on duty in the time today when the momentum of the redevelopment is becoming more powerful toward the Tokyo Olympics 2020, 

And this is one of the greatest benefits to live close water. Just imagine how refreshing it would be to jog along this small stream on a sunny calm winter day!

Lively shopping street!

Of course, seeing the old residential area isn't our target of the day. Our destination was one shopping street called Sunamachi Ginza Shoten Gai. The reason why she kindly took me there was all because of its unique & good old vibe

Don't you remember small summer festivals in your neighborhood where you nag your mom for a candy or useless toys? 

The street itself is this narrow and both sides are lined with a variety of specialty stores. 

Life-long customers

A fishmonger located at the beginning of the street. Look at these "gray-full" patrons! That's a sign of good shop (in my interpretation)

Some stores had a waiting line by giving off an incredibly appetizing smell around themselves. 

Though this was my very first visit to this area, but I just fell in love with this vintage & lively vibe there. 

Let me show you more details in our next post featuring what I "had to eat" on this foodie heaven.

Thanks for reading.

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Sunamachi Ginza Shoten-Gai:

10 mins walk from Minami Sunamachi station / Tokyo Metro Tozai Line


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