Time slip in Tokyo: Minami Sunamachi-2

Minami Sunamachi-2

As I mentioned in my last post, Minami Sunamachi is the area I've never heard of. However, I totally fell in love with nostalgic vibe there. 

Today's topic, Sunamachi Ginza Shotengai, is a typical shopping street which we used to see everywhere across Japan. 

But as you've already seen in your hometown or neighbrhood, new type of shopping experience such as gigantic malls & online shopping services have pushed those groups of small businesses into a corner. 

-Intimate feeling-

Certainly, I had to feel that kind of transition in seeing closed shutters on this site as well, but one positive sign with this street is very close ties between store staff and customers, who are probably life-time patrons living close to the street.

-Must-try food-

Let me show you some food you should bite on this street. The first one is "Oden", which is popular winter food in Japan. 

It's a bit time-consuming dish to cook at home, so nowadays more of us are getting it from a cashier-side table of a convenience store. (Oh, this could be my future topic!)

The specialty store on this street, Masuhide Kamaboko, would have a line at its storefront, but its totally worth waiting, especially on a cold winter day. 

When your turn has come, just tell them what you want pointing out actual cooked food in a huge keep-warm pot filled with their top-secret oden soup

As their veteran looks suggest, their work was really speedy! Even though a line is formed repeatedly, their fast service never allows it to get longer.

Most of the item costs only¥50-100 for each (!!), so be careful not to order too much. Popular items are potato, various fish cake, sausage, eggs and so on. Probably, ¥300 ($3) would satisfy you.

Thanks for reading.

Wait for the last part of this report!

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Masuhide Kamaboko Ten:




in the middle of Sunamachi Ginza Shoten-gai


Minami Sunamachi st. / Tokyo Metro Tozai line


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