Tokyo Cafe Report: Bonjour

Godzilla story is not over yet! 

As we covered in our last post, Hotel Gracery in Shinjuku is the mecca of Godzilla fans. But that huge statue ain't the only factor making this whole building so special. When it comes to a hotel, side dish most of us unconsciously look forward to is the quality of cafe inside, right?

Nowadays, it's becoming harder to find out a characteristic or unique cafe inside hotels due to the overwhelming presence of chain coffee shops like Starbucks. 

However, this place is an exception to the rule. (both unexpectedly and inevitably) The cafe Bonjour (totally worn-out name for cafe!) is making the most of its location, as a part of Godzilla-themed hotel. This is their signature dish, Godzilla cake Set

Yeah, the price is a bit intimidating, but it's a hotel cafe! Take that once-in-half-a-year risk because you don't have to be concerned about its quality, which is definitely guaranteed!

This is how actual plate looks like.

Creamy cake topped with berries & colorful berry & citrus sauce, super fruity soda with ice cream float and iconic Godzilla chocolate!

Look at this elaborate molding... most part of this wasn't hollow & the chocolate used for this is well balanced between sweetness and bitterness. If I have to say more, it's closer to a bitter side, so it's not chocolate lovers exclusive.

As I expected, the quality of this plate is undoubted. It's not a typical menu designed to make hardcore fans of something loosen their purse strings. This is the one at a different level unlike most of those fishy menus.

One more thing I was quite impressed by was this purple soda float. Probably, its main flavor & color are coming from grapes, but the key is some pieces of pulp at the bottom of glass.

From this angle, it looks like Godzilla is coming to you destroying the cake-like building!

Imagine eating this piece of art just seeing the Godzilla statue through the window...This place would definitely provide you unforgettable moment of your stay in Tokyo.

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