Mecca of Godzilla fans: Hotel Gracery

This unexpected pilgrimage to a new Shinjuku icon took place a couple of weeks ago. Somehow my luck bloomed on Twitter and got connected with Japan-based photographer & blogger, Mrs. Candy, who has a vast amount of knowledge about Japanese culture. 

One day, she kindly offered me a small photo shooting tour in Tokyo, where she has already taken millions of pics. Our first destination was this newly opened cinema-complex, Toho Cinemas & Hotel Gracery, located in the middle of Shinjuku. 

Yes, something with a savage look is monitoring you! It's Godzilla! As a huge fan of Godzilla, she said this is the must-visit spot in Shinjuku now!

Walking through the ground floor filled with various restaurants & eating places, you can reach an elevator that leads you to 8th floor, occupied with the hotel lobby & other hotel features. 

View from the 8th floor

Effectively, you can call this place a "mecca of Godzilla fans". Once you hop out of the elevator, what you'll see are these.

Godzilla name sticker machine

Collection of promotional posters 

Even though I've never seen any Godzilla movies in my life(!), this place was really something. And of course, the main attraction is this!

In fact, this Godzilla statue really matches with Shinjuku view from here. It's easy for you to imagine the scene where Godzilla is trying to attack the heart of Japanese economy!

 You might be able to take a scene that you're about to be eaten by him depending on the angle! At the time when we hit this place, there were only a few tourists.

Godzilla nail and Shinjuku skyscrapers

According to the hotel's website, the room named "Godzilla View Room" is located just next to the Godzilla's face. Even if you don't stay here or are not a Godzilla enthusiast like me, there still is a room to get excited about this spot!   

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