Shinjuku: the city of everything

This city has everything. Dozens of skyscrapers & hundreds of mid-scale mixed-use buildings, thousands of eating places including 24/7 ones and gay bars, small music venues... so many to see, feel & experience. 

Even just wandering in this area could be an unforgettable highlight of your trip. Today, I'm gonna show you one major district of this monster city, which is Nishi-Shinjuku (Westen part of Shinjuku)

Basically, it's an office district where thousands of business people who look smart & well-paid are working. In hearing this, you might remember some movie scenes shot in NY & that image probably matches how this area actually looks. (though the scale is different, of course)

You might predict a series of typical, boring buildings, but it's necessarily not. Some are very unique & worth visiting, like Tokyo Metropolitan Government building. This was taken at the timing when Tokyo won the bid to host the Summer Olympics 2020.

The view from the observation deck is astonishing especially this season when the air gets drier making city lights more vivid. Do you have any reason not to go if the almost 360-degree breathtaking view is available free of charge?

If you hit this place at the right time with luck, you might be able to enjoy a special lighting event like this from a bird's eye-view!

This is the pic of the most iconic skyscrapers in Shinjuku, Cocoon Tower. If you're an architecture fan, this is the must-visit spot. Details should be featured in our future post as we're planning to cover this.

If you simply call it "business district", that won't be so fun, but this super-clean, well-designed district is probably unseeable anywhere else. 

Thanks for reading.

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