Redevelopment never stops

If you follow your guidebook during your stay in Tokyo, there's a high possibility that you are glued to some high streets or bustling Kabuki-cho, where hundreds of small bars & izakaya are lined up. It's not bad, of course. 

However, things are moving scary fast in this monster city. New places to check or give a shot at emerge one after another, almost endlessly. Today's feature could be another example of it. 

Technically speaking, what I'm gonna show you today is some redeveloped & remodeled ares around a newly opened fashion building, NEWoMan Shinjuku, directly connected to JR Shinjuku station. This facility itself is, well, a typical fashion department store, so I won't write about it in detail this time, but let me introduce you some spots to give a shot at around it.

1. New South Gate Deck

Bunch of sitting areas

Unlike hard-to-walk congestion both at the East & West Exit, this New South Exist has seen way fewer passengers. In addition to it, this section of the station has been further updated along with the construction of NewoMan. 

adorable monuments ...

& this observation deck could be must-visit for railway geeks!

2. Creative brands

You don't have to actually purchase items at a store to get an inspiration or stimulus for enhancing your creativity. Even just seeing or touching products on the store shelf could give you a different perspective. 

Popular select shop Journal Standard

Rice themed store Akomeya in NewoMan

Blue Bottle Coffee from San Francisco

Verve Coffee from Santa Cruz

All of these creative stores are located inside or around the NewoMan Shinjuku. Getting inspiration is always free!

Thanks for reading.

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NewoMan Shinjuku:

open: 11:00 am-22:00 pm


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