The floor unknown: Shibuya Hikarie

Shibuya is definitely one of the most well-known areas in Japan. In explaining about it to my guests from other countries, I always describe it as "chaos in order". Shibuya has everything to see, experience & enjoy especially for international tourists. 

Needless to say, the most popular icon there is Shibuya Crossing, but I don't bother to explain it here (as it's too popular & well-known) Instead, I'll introduce you an observation floor with astonishing view. 

That's on the 8-11F of Shibuya Hikarie, the high-rise multi-complex building located on the east side of JR & Tokyo Metro Shibuya Station. Its appearance is glassy & modern at a hard-to-ignore level. 

The reason I recommend you this place is because it's quite lesser known compared with other spots in Shibuya. I can fully enjoy wonderful views without crowds whenever I go there. 

Particularly, if you're planning to hit Tokyo from autumn to winter when the air gets dry to allow us to take more vivid night pics, you can't skip this place.

Talking more about floor itself, these floors are dedicated to a wide range of creative activities by artists, designers or smaller media with passion. Some kind of exhibition is always open to the public, like this.

Local Food Experience, where you can see & feel tons of locally sourced & produced items from all across Japan. The collection broadly ranges from local beers to luxury potato chips! (Have you ever seen something like that!?)

The building itself is a department store-like fashion building, but there still is a room for us up on the upper floors! 

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Posted by 3e-Tokyo.

Shibuya Hikarie:

open: 10:00am-9:00pm

(except New Year's day)


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