Chain restaurant guide Pt.2

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3. Gyoza no Ohsho

This is (probably) the largest Chinese food restaurant chain in Japan, which offers a broad range of menus from typical Chinese dishes to ones with Japanese twist. As this chain started from Kyoto, it has been a familiar name for those from Kansai (Western japan). 

However, once they started penetrating more actively into Tokyo area in the last 5 or 6 years, it caused a weird sensation having waiting people at their store front. This could be totally unthinkable for the people in Kansai ( because it's definitely not a place to eat at by sacrificing our valuable time in line!)

But tastes they offer are basically good & authentic. In most cases, they meet our expectations quite reasonably. And another factor adding more authenticity to the place is the very unique vibe there. Chefs & stuff communicate loudly by using special terms to make the whole operation efficient. 

Their fried rice reminds me of my struggling days in Osaka. (though it's a good memory now)

Gyoza no Ohsho:

price range: ¥500-1000

website: Ohsho

4. Go Go Curry

This "Kanazawa style curry" shop is one of the most cost effective eating places in Tokyo. The founder of this brand was greatly inspired by his hometown hero Hideki Matsui, who is also from Kanazawa & became a super hero in MLB NY Yankees, and at some point he started aiming to have his own curry shop in NY

"Ha, foolish, familiar movie like story. Dream on, baby" You thought like this, right? But he actually did it. He opened their first-ever-outside-Japan shop in the center of the world, NY! And the brand is still growing cultivating new markets in Asia and South America. 

What I like most about this brand is their moderate spiciness. When it comes to curry, everyone blindly goes to its spiciness or how authentic it is compared to Indian curry. But For the people like me, who love curry but are poor at authentic spices, dishes they're offering are very reliable. 

And one more thing I have to mention is a variety of topping options making this place kids friendly.  Deep fried shrimp, sausages & their signature pork loin cutlet...everything looks a perfect combination with their thick & flavorful curry. 

If you want to stick to Indian style, you can find ones everywhere in Tokyo, but for those looking for curry shops with Japanese twist, this is the place to go. 

Go Go Curry:

price range: ¥550-1,000

website: go go curry

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