Chain restaurant guide Pt.1

Drinking & dining are always the best part of our vacation memories. While some explore the full course Japanese cuisine or a sushi restaurant by a high caliber chef, others are more into typical local food fulfilling the stomach of ordinary people there, like I actually do on my vacation.

In this article, what I want to focus on is some popular chain restaurants in Japan. I hope this would be a help for traveling foodies who want to experience our everyday food!

1. O-toya

You can find this diner almost everywhere in Tokyo. They offer a vast majority of Japanese teishoku (set menu) throughout the day. Pricewise, this diner seems quite moderate taking their healthy menus into consideration. 

price range: ¥700-1,300

website: O-toya

2. Marugame-Seimen

If you wanna dive into our real noodle culture more deeply at low cost, this is the place to go. Ramen isn't our only noodle dish. This thick, chewy noodle is called Udon. We have eaten this great combination of noodles and hot dashi (soup) for many years, especially in winter. 

What is special with this diner is their inventive approach. Once you go inside, you're gonna see 3 or 4 workers in a kitchen section and each of them is responsible for only a certain process of cooking. This was really epoch-making in our Udon history. Thanks to this specialization, they successfully established good reputation for its speedy service.

In addition, you can easily arrange your order by choosing toppings or a side dish from a variety of Tempura and rice ball

And most importantly, this is the place where you can achieve cheap eat!


price range: ¥300-800

website: Marugame

To be continued...

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