Designs in Ikebukuro

In my opinion, whole Tokyo area is a full of architecture to enjoy. Maybe compared with some old European cities, it might look a bit tasteless or less attractive, but there still are dozens you should leave in your camera memory card. This time, I'm gonna show some from Ikebukuro area.

1. Glassy buildings 

Like other major business districts in Tokyo, there are lots of modern buildings around Ikebukuro station. The majority of them are just typical, boring office buildings, but some could be photogenic depending on the angle or composition. 

2. Elevated Highway & shops underneath

In Japan, the words like "Highway" or "Toll road" automatically makes us imagine an elevated motorway. Especially this small country has struggled for years to make the best of limited space effectively, so elevated highways are running through skyscrapers like a snake in the woods. 

And thanks to this wise use of space, some small businesses can tenant in just underneath it.

3. Toshima City office

This has been added to the list of landmarks in Ikebukuro just a couple of years ago, but its uniqueness is totally outstanding. If you look at it from a distance, it can be recognized as a typical high-rise residential building that you can find everywhere in Tokyo, but it isn't. 

Yes, it certainly is a very modern high rise residential (including its price), but the key of this place is the fact that its lower flowers are occupied by the Toshima City office, providing various municipal services to the residents in this area, with the open-air garden space on the 10th floor.

This project was led by the high-profile Japanese designer, Kengo Kuma, and became the very first case where a municipal function coexists with residential spaces in the same building. 

These panels which look differently one another include solar, greening & louver panel as well. Though I didn't go inside on the day, there seems to be so many wooden features inside which made him world-famous. 

If you're tired of crowds in fashion districts, why don't you expose yourself to something a bit more artistic? 

Thanks for reading.

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Toshima City Office Garden Floor:

open: 9:00 am-4:00pm

close: National holidays & holiday season


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