Tokyo Ramen Report: Ton-chin

When I was wandering Ikebukuro area the other day, I knew my stomach had a substantial room. My unplanned snack before the noon pushed my lunch back in the afternoon.

Then I happened to walk through a shady & narrow street, whose one side is lined with some buildings mostly occupied with smaller eating places like cafe & diner. 

Today's target of our new Tokyo Ramen Report, Ton-chin, is one of them. The reason why I decided to go into this place on the day was because it looked still busy though it was already late afternoon. Good sign, isn't it?

Sitting at a counter table, I saw one particular word on the menu, which was "Tokyo Tonkotsu"  This means that they've been proud of their own Tonkotsu style in Tokyo for 24 years since long before the current Ramen revolution took place all over the world.

What I ordered here was their signature bowl, Tokyo Tonkotsu, ¥680 (≒$7) Compared with typical Tonkotsu ramen, its soup looks a bit browner, but this is probably due to special soy sauce they add to it in order to maximize umami in a bowl. 

At first glance, You might expect a strong & greasy taste from this soup, but it's not a right guess. Actually, it was rich & well-integrated without being too greasy! 

Though I saw these condiments in front of me, I didn't have to use any of them thanks to its wonderful base flavor. Don't spoil the subtle nuance with it!

Another factor that made me their fan was this noodles, which are not too thin or thick, but good size to slurp up & a bit wavy. 

Then, char-siu pork. Some might argue this, but I liked this one. Certainly, it was not so thick as some ramen enthusiasts always crave, but quite milky & melt-in-your-mouth. Personally, I prefer this feeling rather than chunkiness.

Usually, I never drink up ramen soup, but the one here was exception, I almost did. Considering the prices here, this is definitely one of the must-go ramen shops in Tokyo. Visit & figure out why they have been able to survive for more than two decades in the extremely competitive ramen market, Ikebukuro!

Thanks for reading.

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Station: JR / Tobu / Seibu / Tokyo Metro Ikebukuro

  Open: 11:00-23:00 

 Close:  -


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