Please stand clear! Street car in Tokyo

As you already know, Tokyo is the "city of railway network" (maybe including other major cities in Japan) You can go almost anywhere by train & subway. 

However, there are some areas covered by a different system, which is street car. Toden Arakawa Line & Tokyu Setagaya Line are the only remaining lines running street car. If you're visiting Japan from major cities in Europe or America, it might not be so special for you guys. But considering incredibly developed railway & subway networks here, the fact itself that street car is still alive in this busy & populous city can be regarded as a miracle

Actually, you can see a slight piece of it in Ikebukuro area, which I've focused on over the last couple of weeks. Coming out of the East exit of Ikebukuro station, keep walking along the 4-lane main street, running towards the east. At some point,a highway will appear above your head & you're supposed to walk its left. 

Within 10 minutes from Ikebukuro station, you reach this railway crossing, where Higashi Ikebukuro Yon-chome station is located. 

Despite such a shot walk from one of the biggest stations in Tokyo, you'll find atmosphere here to be quite different. The neighborhood has nostalgic vibe & it's not as thoughtfully-designed as blocks around the Ikebukuro station, actually which is providing a old town feeling.

On the day I went to this spot, I saw two types of wrapping, yellow one and pink one.

If you are badly or weirdly obsessed with railways & trains in other countries, taking this line could be the must-try activity in Tokyo. Probably, it will expose you to the unknown side of Tokyo. 

Please stand clear, doors are closing! 

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