Urban greenery

Even if you're a huge fan of Japan, probably there's one thing you can't easily agree with. Parks & green space. We definitely lack them, especially in major areas of Tokyo (even more so around the business districts)

As I've covered in the last couple of posts, Ikebukuro is not as busy as Shibuya or Shinjuku, but there still are hundreds of shops, boutiques & restaurants. Even in such an challenging circumstance, there's a little hope for greenery, which is Minami Ikebuluro park.

Yes,this isn't such a huge park like you guys have seen outside of Japan (including your hometown), but once you hit this spot, you'll definitely feel how valuable this space is in this particular area. 

The blocks adjacent to it are basically full of bars & restaurants, and some redevelopment projects bringing high rise condos are going on behind it. (as you can see in the pic) Inevitably, you can see many different types of people there. 

Kids running around in the playing area, parents seeing them from a sitting space, businessmen who look burnt-out, students probably studying at neighboring colleges or schools...it's such an interesting place for a new chapter of your people watching.

And there is a stylish cafe & very clean rest room in the premise, you can fully enjoy urban greenery under the blue sky. 

Even if you're visiting one of the busiest countries in the world, there's no need to get used to its speed. Just stay stress-free at this small park in the middle of the fast-paced city.

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