Rooftop garden in Shinjuku

Shinjuku has so many different faces depending on which part you focus on. The west side of the station is a huge office district where skyscrapers are standing proudly while its east side is more about fashion & dining. What we crave for under such a circumstance is greenery.

I'm not sure if other world-famous cities like NY or London also have the same issue, but having only a few green spaces to sit or chill out in the middle of noisy & lively city is a critical matter, I guess. 

The other day, I accidentally found one small green space I can recommend you guys in the middle of Shinjuku, on the top of a fashion building, Marui. It's a Tokyo-based fashion department chain, who has been a trend setter among young girls for years and its Shinjuku location (supposedly their flagship) is occupied by dozens of brands with creativity & fashionability

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In writing this article, it was meaningful for me to learn about their environmental practice now they're working on. According to their website, their other three locations also have a similar type of space on their top respectively. "Biodiversity" is the least expected word on the website of such a trendsetting fashion building developer, isn't it?

Their garden in Shinjuku, featuring some well-designed & -maintained sections, is called Q-Court

Chairs & sitting areas where you can feel a nice breeze & sunshine are efficiently scattered across the garden. 

Actually, some workers were taking care of grass zone & some plants attentively under a typical winter coldness on the time I was there . 

Courtesy of Candy.S

If it's a sunny day in autumn or spring, the atmosphere could be so much better!

Courtesy of Candy.S

Hope you guys can have a relaxing time there under the blue sky!

Thanks for reading.

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Q-Court on the Marui rooftop:

open: 11:00am - 20:00pm


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