Backstreets of Shibuya

Shibuya: One of the most popular areas in Tokyo, where both Japanese and foreign tourists gather for so many different reasons. Some tourists take pictures at the Shibuya Crossing as a highlight of their trip while others visit there for no specific reasons.

In fact, this specific area (& maybe including its neighboring area Harajuku) has such a vibe to attract people. Even if they don't have any good reason to go there, somehow they can spend a whole day with fun. Something new, old, creative, weird, dynamic & epoch-making are all mixed up together there. 

Though most of the foreign tourists tend to see its superficial side such as the Shibuya Crossing and Central Street (Center-gai), backstreets of Shibuya are the actual places where a variety of trends & movements have been created for years. 

For my generation, it's interesting to see some newly opened record shops popping up in this area. When we started listening to music seriously back in 90's, record was already outdated & CD was a new standard. After MD (!!) was thrown into the market in the late 90's, we finally started forgetting how to pay for the songs & musicians we love due to the notorious Napster. But now, some music lovers are reevaluating this old format at these stores.

And another thing you've got to check is temporary stores & cafes, which you can enjoy for a short period of time. An event theme could be various from a popular rock band to a hit movie like "Ted". As long as they have substantial fan base, these events don't necessarily have to be brought to an easily accessible venue because enthusiasts would never fail to locate a venue even if it's a really tine space.

Then, eating places. Most of them you see here in Shibuya should be categorized into "Izakaya" (Japanese style bar) Actually, I don't drink at all, but still it's enjoyable to walk through some narrow streets in Shibuya. Some open kitchens faced on the streets allow you to take pics of some energetically working chefs. 

Charge up your smart phone (to activate your Google maps from time to time) & explore some narrow streets in Shibuya! 

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