Tokyo Cafe Report: George V

What is a good or perfect cafe for you? Decent quality of coffee with a relaxing atmosphere? Or maybe you don't care the noise coming into your ears as long as the coffee taste is perfect for you. 

 I know some people intentionally go to a bustling cafe to get concentration & inspiration (weird enough...), but nobody would complain about quietness or peacefulness of the place when we're really craving for full relaxation. 

The cafe I'm gonna introduce today would fall into this category. The name of the cafe is "Jyo-ru-ju-sa-n-ku", located in Kokubunji, Tokyo. (As its actual spelling at a storefront is hard to read so, allow me write in this way)

Right after entering the space, you'd definitely feel very nostalgic vibe, which has already become quite unique at most of the cafes in Tokyo. If you're a Japanese & over 30, it would remind you of cafes your dad went to on weekend mornings. 

What supported my retrospect there was a range of wooden stuff from tables, chairs to a couple of solid beams which suggest a long history of the place. In addition, a collection of art books randomly stacked on the counter is a perfect match with them. 

The master here looked quiet at a glance, but he turned out to be a talkative & chatty guy. He kindly explained how the neighborhood has developed over the last three decades along with one of the major JR lines, Chuo line. 

The cafe au lait I ordered was creamy, but the atmosphere there was more impressive. 

Though I didn't order (because there was no room for it in my stomach at that time), this place seems to have a good reputation for its quality of cake. Maybe next time!

Thanks for reading.

Posted by 3e-Tokyo

George V Kokubunji:

Station: Kokubunji station / JR Chuo line

open: 10:00am-8:00pm

close: Tue

menu: here


  • 1000 / 1000