Zakka, what a wonderful world.

Zakka: One of the vaguely defined Japanese words, but basically means daily goods. Including both daily necessities & non-necessities, and even totally useless objects you definitely have at least one or two in your room.

Tokyo is not just a destination for foodies. You have so many different ways to enjoy & explore this chaotic city, but one thing you might be interested in here is Zakka. Zakka store is everywhere! Though we have some Japanese larger players such as Daiso & MUJI, who have already penetrated into the foreign markets, their rivals like Flying Tiger are also coming into Japanese market targeting at our wallets.

I know there are so many to be mentioned in explaining each chain, but this time I decided to focus on general information & image of each store. I hope this article will help you get a big picture of the industry.

Don Quijote: (Donki-ho-te in Japanese)

Some might not categorize this as a Zakka store, but this is the place you should try. Most of its outlets have 4 or 5 floors displaying almost any type of goods you can think of, from canned coffee to brand watches. Enjoy their overwhelming wall-like display & their motto, surprising discount! 

Muji: (Mujirushi in Japanese)

This chain has firmly established its fan base by having provided a solid concept for years. Once you enter into their store, you can instantly feel the sense of unity through their products, which highlights the simplicity & functionality. (because they don't sell goods from other brands) In my opinion, they set a standard of Japanese Zakka design in the mid-late 90's.

Daiso: (same in Japanese)

Japanese version of 99 cents shop, but this is beyond your expectation. The greatest thing with them is its incredibly wide variety of goods. You can buy almost anything at one coin price. Certainly, some items don't seem to have enough durability, but if you wanna get something you use during your short stay in japan, this place could be the first option to go to.

These three chains can be easily found in major cities in japan, so maybe good for your last-minute shopping for souvenir as well! 

Thanks for reading.

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