Convenience Store Updates 8/18/17

Wiggly Water Jelly / Lawson

Today's item is the one frequently featured by the online media at the beginning of this summer. 

This new jelly released by Lawson is undoubtedly inspired by Warabi Mochi, traditional & popular summer sweet, which consists of jiggly bite size pieces of rice cake & kinako soybean flour.

Reasonable Version

Probably, the one from Lawson shouldn't be officially categorized into Warabi Mochi because of the difference in ingredients. In fact, ingredients for real Warabi Mochi has become valuable & pricey in the recent years.

I believe that's why Lawson named it "Water Jelly", despite its common form of Kinako powder & black sugar syrup.

But more than anything else, doesn't this piece of translucent dome look fascinating?

Good Starting Point

Taking the price of ¥130 into consideration, this is a good option for beginners of Japanese sweets. Taste & texture-wise, this could be a good starting point! 

Thanks for reading.

Posted by 3e-Tokyo 


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