Architecture & Design: Marunouchi-2

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Not An Usual Street

Marunouchi Street, just behind the brother-like buildings, Maru-biru & Shin Maru-Biru, is not an ordinary street, but a place where so many things happen throughout the year. 

On a typical week day, the street won't get busy except lunch time for the office workers in the area. Some pop-up shops & kitchen cars can be found with these art monument stuff.

And now we've got a monthly street market over there featuring vendors of handcraft, flower shop & coffee brewery. Check out their website as well.

Go Underground! 

In case you stay in major cities of Japan, like Osaka, Nagoya & Tokyo, exploring the underground streets is your mission, don't skip it! 

Because of our small land, we Japanese have made huge efforts for years to make the best of space available. In our country, going vertical doesn't necessarily mean skyscrapers!

Here in Marunouchi area, underground is always filled with designs & colors. PR for seasonal events, appealing visual arts & valuable monuments...the whole area is like an museum!

You don't have to be a shopper to fully enjoy Marunouchi area. Just walk through the streets embracing designs & architecture!

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Just outside of Marunouchi Exit of JR Tokyo Station.

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