Convenience Store Updates: 7/23/17

Matcha & Hoji-cha Parfait / 

Family Mart

New parfait from Family Mart is so much focused on "Japaneseness" Yes, we've already had many like this, but I've never felt it at this beautiful level.

These colorful layers inevitably boosted my expectations even before opening the rid! 

Major Two Teas

Matcha & Hoji-cha are two major tea types here in Japan & they have played a huge role in our tea culture.

On your first bite, the pleasant flavor of matcha will dominate your taste buds. 

Then you'll probably start looking for the taste of Hoji-cha, which is hidden at the bottom in the form of jelly.

Beauty Of Complexity

Despite its name of "parfait", this isn't so sweet. Let me say, this is the one for those who love subtle nuances of ingredients or layers of tastes.

Matcha from Kyoto, Azuki beans from Hokkaido & chestnuts cream... all of the subtle nuances from typical ingredients for Japanese sweets have come together in this small cup.

Must try, guys! 

Thanks for reading. 

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