Fumiko. H Memorial Hall Ep.4

This is the last episode of the series report on Hayashi Fumiko Memorial Hall in Shinjuku ward, Tokyo.

About  Fumiko Hayashi

Living Room 

This might look a very typical old Japanese room, but it isn't necessarily so. The reason why I say so is the width of corridor, functioning as a veranda as well. 

In my opinion, typical then-houses should have a narrower corridor unlike this. This comfort might have been achieved by Fumiko's request. 

These multiple layers of wooden doors tell the history of the house.


In the era of IH cooking appliances, it's really meaningful for all of us to see this primitive kitchen. What can be cooked here today?

Spare Room 

This small room, sometimes used as a second guest room, well represents the concept of the entire house, which is well engineered ventilation.

Even in this smaller piece of house, ventilation seems to be well-calculated. 

Back in the 40's or 50's where any place wasn't air-conditioned yet, having a nice ventilation in a space should have been critical to survive Japan's humid summer.

This is the end of our report on Hayashi Fumiko Memorial Hall.

Thanks for reading.

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