Convenience Store Updates: 6/28/17

Uji Matcha Cream Daifuku / Lawson

Though I'm not a huge fan of matcha flavor, I have to admit that it has always been on a center stage of a sweets scene over a decade.

Today's featured item by Lawson is definitely the one all the matcha fans should give a try. 

Even if you know a little about our culture, this kind of green, chewy sweets might be becoming familiar around you, maybe globally. 

Yes, this is called "mochi", traditional form of Japanese sweets. But a popular convenience store chain like Lawson never forget to add a twist to their products.

With this particular item, they have infused the intense flavor of matcha, produced by Tsujiri, Kyoto-based super tea brand.

I guess, this is the most cost-effective way to touch authentic matcha sweets or flavor. Natural bitterness & sweetness comfortably goes around in your mouth...

Don't waste that ¥130 in your pocket on tasteless canned coffee & invest it in this extraordinary cultural piece!

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Posted by 3e-Tokyo The Food


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