Fumiko. H Memorial Hall Ep.2

This is the second episode of the series report on Hayashi Fumiko Memorial Hall in Shinjuku ward, Tokyo.

About Japanese author Fumiko Hayashi


Though it was not easy for most Japanese to go abroad in the early-mid 19th century when she lived, her enormous curiosity & wild passion as a writer drove her to new experience in foreign countries

And what she learnt from different cultures is certainly expressed in this house being mixed with then-Japanese style. 

This custom-made closet for futon (Japanese sleeping mattress) is a great example of it. 

The top of these sliding doors are finished with Indian textiles, which probably people had rarely saw in Japan back then. 


According to the informative guide I mentioned in the Ep.1, this bedroom next to a huge garden was originally designed as a study for Fumiko.


However, she thought the room is too big & bright for her work & turned the space into a bedroom by moving her study to another room. 

In response to Fumiko's request, air ventilation is thoroughly taken into consideration across the whole house. 

It could be a huge key for this house to have been able to survive Japan's ultra humid summer for more than 70 years.

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To be continued to Ep.3

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