It's almost a brand

Shibuya Crossing...that's one of the most mysterious places in Tokyo. (maybe in the world?)

Effectively, there's nothing over there. It's just a huge crossing near JR Shibuya station surrounded by some commercial buildings. However, it has attracted an incredible number of tourists from all over the world. What on earth has driven us to that "hard-to-walk" spot for years?

When I moved from Osaka to Tokyo about 8 years ago, I was a perfect stranger and didn't get why so many people gravitate to Tokyo or this crossing. High population density, ridiculously complicated railway network, different dialect, too much use of soy sauce in seasoning, ...good enough to get homesick, right?

But one day when I happened to see this "Pedestrian show" from above (like this ⇓), it gave me a new perspective. 

OK, this is the city where everyone walks at a different speed, in different directions, maybe more obviously than Osakans do. Then I started focusing on what I should do, containing complaints inside of me.

After all those years, can you imagine what I sometimes do when I go to Shibuya?

 I do take a video & pics at this busy crossing inbetween some foreign tourists totally excited at their dream come true.

And finally, someone invented this... Shibuya crossing tote bag! It's almost a brand.

Thanks for reading.

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