Tokyo Ramen report: Ramen Square

To ramen lovers now staying in or heading to Tokyo. This could be the place to visit! 

Today's nice weather made me upbeat & feel like trying something new in some ways. New area I have never been to, new eating place I've never stepped in...then the area which came up in my mind was Tachikawa. In recent years, this area has been a hot spot for both house-hunters and retailers due to its close proximity to some major train lines & the huge park, Showa Kinen Park.

This ramen theme park, the Ramen Square is on the third floor of Arearea 2, one of the commercial buildings around JR Tachikawa station. Stepping out of an escalator, you'll see weirdly themed floor in front of you. It's like a fusion of American vibe and Ramen culture. 

What I picked out of 7 ramen restaurants was Ebi-kin. ("Ebi" means prone/shrimp in Japanese) This brand was established in Tokyo Tsukiji market in 1968, and that main shop is still in business (as of Oct.2 2016) 

This is "No-ko Paitan ebi-soba", Thick white broth shrimp noodle ¥880 (about $9)

 As its name says, this broth was thick & full of shrimp flavor, but it's not at the level where you get tired of it before finishing. If you're a shrimp lover, you could drink it up.

This is their signature ramen (I guess), "Ebi-soba", Shrimp noodle ¥780 (about $8) 

Obviously, color of the soup is totally different from the one above and as you can imagine, this broth goes down your throat more smoothly.

Both of them were good, but personally I prefer the white one because of the kick it provides. 

Oh, and I have to tell you that they knead shrimp powder into their noodles in the process. That's also where this shrimp flavor comes from.

Anyway, if you wanna experience a small train trip & shrimp ramen in Tokyo, just take JR Chuo line from Shinjuku station & go west! Your destination is Tachikawa! 

Thanks for reading.

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