Tokyo Tales #4: Walumination Project Team

The six members who got to know each other at a morning workshop in Marunouchi are about to achieve one of their goals, by illuminating a street of Tokyo in a very Japanese way.

Yuka Miyagishima, the PR staff of the Walumination Project, talked about the event, The city of Tokyo & her passion.

Q: First of All, how has this project "Walumination" started?


We're the team of six, learning at the Community Producer Class of Morning University of Marunouchi (before-work learning course). 

Under the theme of how we can effectively contribute to revitalizing typical office districts of Tokyo such as Otemachi & Marunouchi re-finding their great uniqueness, we've had a series of discussions & gradually things started taking its shape.

Q: Where did the idea of Japanese umbrella come from?

We thought it's essential to reflect this area's historical grace. In the Edo period (16-18th centuries), Otemachi was once the residential area for highly ranked people. 

In order to revive that specific vibe, symbolic stuff like a traditional umbrella was a perfect suit to our concept, and potentially it might get people interested in these traditional crafts.

Q: What do you think was the key to your success on crowdfunding?

I think it's all about communication. We attentively kept everyone involved updated to have them feel what stage we were at & what was going on at that time.

As each of us really likes to interact with people, it wasn't a trouble for us at all.

The bigger our circle of friends has grown, the more supports we have got, thankfully. We sincerely appreciate every piece of support they have given to us.

Q: What do you want to deliver most through this event?

It's peacefulness & calmness this area offers in the night, in contrast to hustle and bustle during the daytime. 

As Otemachi is one of the biggest office districts of Japan, it's lively & busy while the sun is shining. 

What we wanted to highlight this time is its quiet side. In thinking about it, you can't miss the presence of the Imperial Palace nearby, of course.

Q: How do you want Tokyo / Otemachi to be in the near future?

Personally, I hope that we'd have more places that could help our on-off switching. 

Tokyo is always full of experience, interesting people you wanna meet or must-try food are everywhere! The list of attraction is endless.

Meanwhile, it's also true that life in such an over-informed society gets us easily tired. Even if you have huge interests in a wide variety of things, it's super important to get empty-minded from time to time. 

So I can't complain if we get that kind of parks or public spaces in the near future. 

Q: Besides this project, what is your personal goal or dream you want to achieve in Tokyo?

To be a much more reliable marketer in the field I'm in.

It has been a dream for me to get a position where I can work for people's better quality of life & brighter future. And now I'm working for a company in the related field headquartered in Otemachi.

Through my 4-year Shinkansen commute from Shizuoka to a collage in Tokyo, the idea and passion that I want to challenge what I can do only in Tokyo had grown bigger, having found diverse charms of the mega city.

So this project, illuminating a street with lighting fixture & Japanese umbrella, is also a part of the process to reach my goal and I'm sure that teamwork we have cherished here will be the great source of confidence for each of us from now on.

Q: Lastly, message to those visiting or who want to visit Tokyo.

Please visit this exciting & attractive city, Tokyo!  

In Otemachi & Marunouchi area, wide open & clean streets with greenery welcome you and walking through the blocks lined with fashionable cafes & restaurants will certainly make you uplifted.

And most importantly, visit our event if you're in Tokyo on July 12th (Thu) - 13th (Fri). 

We couldn't be happier if you could have a peaceful moment in the middle of this fast-paced city.


7.12 (Thu) / 7.13 (Fri) 

6-10 p.m.

at Otemachi Nakadori Street 

2 mins walk from A1 / C2 exit of Otemachi Sta.

Tokyo Metro Marunouchi / Hanzomon Line 






Produced by 3e-Tokyo PR


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