Soba Sukeroku

With the global success of ramen, some essences or key factors learnt from there are actively being adopted to other Japanese noodle dishes like udon or soba. 

Today's pick up, Soba Sukeroku in Kayabacho is also one of those places, which offers some noodles menus with interesting twists from ramen. 

Unique Lunch Menu

I stumbled on this uncharacteristic diner at the end of 2017, when I was looking for a late lunch place. Being not a soba enthusiast, I rarely end up soba diner like this. 

However, what attracted me to this cozy place was their lunch menu lineup, categorized "Tsukesoba", which inevitably reminds me of tsukemen (Ramen noodles with dipping sauce)

He Is The One

Despite my last minute arrival for their lunch hours, the staff I talked to treated me well.  And a conversation with him revealed his long year experience in ramen field.

Aha, it does make sense, that's how the "crossover" has been formed and well represented at the level we can actually feel.

Chicken and Pork

What I ordered this time was Chicken and Pork Tsukesoba, ¥800

As you can see, it consists of dipping sauce and generous amount of soba noodles with beautiful toppings like slices of bamboo-shoot and charsiu, quite common ones for ramen.

This sleek, dark grey noodles require no explanation for how authentic they are. 

Just embrace wonderful firmness to slurp and smooth texture!

Well Designed Soup

Though I'm totally impressed by this dish, one thing to be explained more specifically should be a distinct flavor of bonito with the dipping sauce. 

It might be felt a bit overwhelming at first, but it turns out to make sense later. As you eat noodles, water they absorbed in a cooking process gradually makes it thinner.

Generous Slices 

The slices of pork seasoned at minimum are much thicker than ones you'll find at most ramen shops in Tokyo & perfectly match with the dipping sauce.

You'd better deal with them before feeling stuffed! Soba noodles could feel heavier than you think.

Highly recommended!

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Soba Sukeroku

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Kayabacho Sta.

Tokyo Metro

Hibiya or Tozai Line


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