Tokyo Cafe Report: Bonnie Coffee

5 years ago, how many of us expected that we'd see coffee brands and roasters from Australia on the streets of Tokyo as they are today? 

Despite my minimum knowledge about coffee, it's easy for me to recognize how much attention they have got in the last couple of years as a great coffee culture exporter.

Today's pick up, Bonnie Coffee is also one of them.

Hole In The Wall Roaster

The coffee roaster, located across from the Hawaiian bike shop, Alohaloco, is a relatively new addition to Tokyo's hip area, Kiyosumi Shirakawa.

Considering its location of Sumida riverside & being in the middle of residential district, it's not a shop where you could stumble on by chance unless you live in the hood.

Simple But Stylish

Stepping inside, an authentic & specialty vibe welcomes you. 

Especially,  a long wood table to be shared by 10 people and their signature glass coffee cups set on it boost your expectation. 

You don't have to be intimidated even if you're not so informed about this black liquid because their menu kindly details characteristics of each bean type they have.

In addition, the Japanese shop manager here, who is really knowledgeable about what he is doing, speaks English (probably with an OZ accent!)

Tell Him What You Want!

If you're not so sure what to order, just leave it to him telling your preference like I did. What I was offered on the day was Espresso-Milk ¥480

This beautiful latte art well represents how much training he has done in Australia, doesn't it. Needless to say, mouth-feel was utterly smooth and the taste was as good as its looks! 

If you're interested in OZ coffee culture or a bit bored with Starbucks, this is the one you should try!

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Bonnie Coffee

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Kiyosumi Shirakawa Sta.

Tokyo Metro Hanzomon Line

Toei Subway Oedo Line


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