Tokyo Ramen Report: Oreshiki Jun

In Japan, where railway network plays such a significant role in a society, stations & neighboring facilities are not just a building.

They're definitely the place where passers & passengers unconsciously loosen the purse strings. Especially, at the big hub stations like Shinjuku or Tokyo, the presence of specialty stores is becoming more notable.

Tokyo Ramen Street

Tokyo Ramen Street, located underground Tokyo Station Terminal, is also one of such a fabulous corridor, where the 8 notable ramen specialties tenant in. 

The shop I picked up this time was Oreshiki Jun, one of the sub brands managed by established brand in Tokyo's ramen scene, Setaga-Ya.

Tourists Oriented 

The order system here is a very typical ticket machine style. Purchase a ticket for your bowl from the machine at the entrance. The availability of English menu will make you less nervous.

Stepping inside, the effective use of wood materials attract your attention. 

Red curtains & Japanese calligraphy seem a bit touristy, but nice strategy to make eaters take photos!

Special Limited Menu

My choice this time was after-lunch time limited, "Butaro" ¥850. "Buta" stands for pig / pork in Japanese.

In a small white circle on the poster, there is an English sentence saying "No longer No explanation. Please try!" Ummm, very suggestive.

Actually, I was a bit skeptical about this pic due to its excessive amount of toppings. Does a heap of topping like this really make business sense at the price of ¥850? 

No Hype

Here it is, this is what you actually get at the price. Yep, there was no hype nor exaggeration there!

The mountain which consists of 2 slices of chasiu pork, beansprouts & cabbage actually appeared in front of me!

Furthermore, crushed clove of garlic & black sauce are the finishing touch on it.


Even before the first sip and slurp, pleasant pungent of garlic hits your nose, which is exactly one of my favorite parts of this dish. 

This punchy, rich soup definitely gives another set of satisfaction.

Judging from their brand profile, this bowl should be categorized in Tonkotsu, but the richness of the soup made me feel like I was eating Miso ramen!

Noodles & Chasiu

Their straight noodles had a nice firmness & chewy texture. But make sure to eat up them before you start to feel stuffed. They could be felt heavier than you think in the end.

And lastly, this chasiu pork. Yes, it was certainly "no explanation" required. Well seasoned, thick enough but not dry. Proudly the symbol of this menu!

In summary, this could be the most cost-effective ramen of the year to me.

Thanks for reading.

Oreshiki Jun





Tokyo Ramen Street

JR Tokyo Station's Underground 

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