The other day when I was walking down the street of Omotesando, I happened to encounter this simple & cozy looking place.

Tea Brew Co. Obviously, it's a tea shop. The reason why I stopped by there was I thought I've seen this logo & brand name. 

Young British Tea Brand

The conversation with smiley staff reminded me of where I saw it, which was The British Fair I went to last month. 

In Japan, British fair has been a incredibly popular event at department stores across Japan. There you'll see a collection of authentic British sweets, tea & handcrafts.

The young brand, established in 2012, is also attending those events, rivaling other long-lived competitors.

Eye-catching Designs& Colors

What I like about the brand is its simplicity & how they use different colors. From tea labels to packages, everything seems quite pop & friendly unlike some tea brands which think highly of their long history.

The staff I talked to also said she really wants their customers to feel tea like just a daily custom without becoming too serious, remembering her trip to the UK.

Great Tea Experience

By following her instruction, I ordered Iced Earl Grey (¥330) Considering the location of Omotesando, recognized as one the most expensive areas in Tokyo, this price is totally reasonable.

Though I'm not a tea enthusiast, but it wasn't difficult for me to feel its authenticity. Pleasant & fresh aroma completely smoothens your mind. 

But the one I have to order next time is "Sweet Punch"  (¥460). She kindly offered me a sip, and it turned out to be incredibly fruity almost like fruit juice!


If you're staying in Tokyo from Oct.25th to Oct.30th, check out returning British Fair at Isetan Department Store, easily accessible from Shinjuku Terminal or Tokyo Metro's Shinjuku Sanchome Station. 

They are attending it temporarily closing the shop I introduced today.

Brew Tea Co.



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