Tokyo Cafe Report: Diner Swing

As with other big cities in the world, Tokyo food scene has also been diversified in the recent years. 

While we're eating more fresh food today, it's also true that Tokyo is getting more & more burger restaurants & joints. Today let's check one of the players in Shinjuku.

Dinner Swing

Dinner Swing is located in Shinjuku Station area, where tourists, shoppers & business people busily walk around every single day. (location detail at bottom)

Stepping into a shop, the biggest eye-catcher is probably stylish & cool record jackets neatly displayed on the wall. 

These jazzy & bluesy arts definitely creates an authentic vibe and of curse, the same type of music has been played as the BGM to completely match with your food.

Cheese Dog

When it comes to American diner, I know what to eat is definitely a burger & french fries. But sorry guys, I had no space for them this time, so I tried smaller ones sharing with my friends.

I was not sure how big it is, but even this Cheese Dog (supposedly much smaller than burgers) was big enough for me! 

Look at this who-can-resist oozing cheese...This reminds me of authentic hot dogs I ate in the US a couple of years ago.

Apple Pie

One more beautiful thing there was this straightforward apple pie, well flavored with cinnamon. 

Certainly, Japanese have eaten apple pie for years, but one crucial factor with apple pie for me has been kick of cinnamon since I had authentic one in the US long time ago. 

Theirs have it & it's not overwhelming, very well-balanced. I put this on my favorite sweets list! 

Friendly Staff

Oh, and one more info for you guys. This smiley lady here is a good English speaker & really talkative. You'll never have a trouble in ordering in English.

Relish your cheat day in the middle of Shinjuku! You're on vacation!

The Diner Swing 


 2-min walk from 

Shinjuku Sta. West Exit








*All seats smokable


  • 1000 / 1000