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Unbaked Dorayaki with Italian Chestnut Cream

By Lawson

Unbaked Dorayaki with Italian Chestnut Cream

By Lawson

Over the last 5 years or so, we suddenly started seeing Halloween stuff in Japan at an unprecedented scale. Cosplay, party, parade... all of these are things we didn't see in our autumn unlike western countries.

Of course, this trend has fiercely boosted the "Pumpkin Invasion" into a supermarket during this time of the year. While it's totally annoying for me (at least), I still have a slight hope. 

Yes, chestnuts!

Beat Pumpkin!

Chestnut is also popular & seasonal in Japan's Sep / Oct, so I've tested one of the collections from Lawson, and it turned out really good!

If you have a bit of knowledge about Japanese sweets, you probably know this particular one, Dorayaki, which traditionally consists of baked dough outside & sandwiched anko red bean paste.

But the recent trend we've seen with this sweet is "unbaked" dough, highlighting its fluffy & airy mouth-feel. In fact, once you experience it, you can't go back to the conventional baked one...

Lovely Texture 

As they put a decent amount of chestnut cream inside, you would probably feel its pleasant flavor & comfortable smoothness.

It's not overwhelmingly sweet, but certainly rules the entire impression of this package. And it perfectly matches to the unbaked shells.

This will remain in my sweets list for this autumn.

Thanks for reading.

Unbaked Dorayaki with Italian Chestnut Cream

Price: ¥160

Lawson website

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