Tokyo Ramen Report: Menya Takeichi

Where People Get Together 

If you've come to Japan previously or been interested in Japanese culture, you're highly likely to know about this area, Akihabara. That has been known as the mecca of otaku culture & home electronics town.

With the recent wave of redevelopment or ever-growing inbound tourists, unprecedented number of people are visiting the area every day.  And that has triggered another trend in the area, which is ramen.

Chicken Broth 

The other day when I was in the area, I happened to find Menya Takeichi, which proudly serves original Baitang Ramen (Thick chicken soup broth). My huge love for chicken couldn't resist it! 

And having read this paper on the wall, I thought I stepped into a right place. 

It says they've already managed a ramen shop for 10 years in a different area & Yakitori bar for 7 years in Akasaka (intensely competitive market of Tokyo!) 

In addition, they already have overseas brunches in some Asian countries!

Intense Flavor 

I ordered their signature bowl, Rich Baitang Noodles. (¥780)

This soup tells you how carefully it was extracted from the chicken even before sipping it. It smells so good & rich!

What interested me was this spoonful of minced onion, which makes the impression of bowl a bit solid in contrast with ultra creamy & flavorful soup.

Chicken Toppings

Of course, their bowls are never completed without chicken toppings. 2 slices of Chicken char-siu were tender & juicy.

And this chicken ball aka Tsukune at a Yakitori bar, is also a perfect match with other factors in a bowl.

Noodles are a kind of thin and you don't want to stop slurping! 

If you're craving for a flavorful bowl in Tokyo, this is the place to go. Quality guaranteed.

Thanks for reading. 

Menya Takeichi

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