Tokyo Cafe Report: Monocle Cafe-2

This is the latter half of Tokyo Cafe Report on Monocle Cafe in Yurakucho, Tokyo.  Read the first half as well!

Oozing Omelette Rice

The first dish we tried was this beautiful omelette rice with flavorful demi-glace sauce. 

Since Instagram thoroughly changed our lifestyle, Japanese have got more obsessed with oozing yellow on the plate because it looks terribly appealing.

And the one at this place was definitely worth eating. Egg part was creamy & the sauce on top had pieces of "real meat", which undoubtedly infusing enjoyable meaty flavor.

I'm willing to pay ¥1,200 for this again!

Apple Pecan Crumble

If you ask me what dish makes me miss my days in the US, one of the candidates is definitely apple pie or crumble. 

Probably, it's because they use generous amount of apple for a whole (unlike Japanese)

And this is it, which made me badly miss ones I've had in California. The flavor of apple & cinnamon is intense & every bite provides you such a joy!

Crumble is not dry at all & its matching to vanilla ice cream aside is a killer! Literally, made to perfection.

Can you believe this goody only cost ¥700 !? Just give it a try & have fun!

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Hankyu Men’s B1F, 2-5-1 Yurakucho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

3e-Tokyo Project 


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