Hibiya Park

Valuable Greenery

If you're visiting Tokyo from a moderately modernized city, the one thing you might miss is a relaxing green space. Especially in the central Tokyo, the number is quite limited.

Hibiya Park, located close to the Imperial Palace, is one of those few places in Tokyo's office district.

There are some facilities like open air stages and ponds in the premise, but basically grass & trees are everywhere. Even just walking through could be refreshing.

Embrace Seasonality!

As so many different kinds of trees & flowers are grown, the park shows different faces depending on which season or what time you visit. 

When I went there, hydrangeas were in bloom! 

Iconic Feature Is ...

In hearing the name of Hibiya Park, what most Tokyo people recall is a huge fountain against the backdrop of office buildings. The sound of it is really relaxing & cools you down.

This area of the park is also known as the oasis for Japanese Salarymen (tired office workers working for salary)

 You're highly likely to witness those in the suit lying on the bench at hours when probably they shouldn't do so...

Hibiya Park:

Access: here

Hibiya Sta. or Kasumigaseki Sta. of

Tokyo Metro: Chiyoda line / Hibiya line


Walk from Yurakucho Sta. of Yamanote line

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