Tokyo Cafe Report: Cha-Nabe Cafe Saryo-2

This is the latter half of the report on the tea-themed cafe in Shibuya, Cha-Nabe Cafe Saryo.

Unmissable Sweets

What you can enjoy here are a great example of hybrid sweets between Japanese & western ones

This cake is Azuki & Bracken-Starch Dumpling Tart. Nowadays anko (red bean paste) is also becoming more common outside Japan, and technically, azuki is a type of beans, turning into anko paste.


And look at this beautiful back shot! 

This dark green reminds me of beautiful moss in a Japanese garden. They're called "Warabi mochi" in Japanese, a kind of rice cracker, but mainly eaten only in summer

Of course, the cafe coated these pieces with green tea powder along with its concept, which has resulted in phenomenal taste!

This place is highly recommended!

Thanks for reading.

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Cha-Nabe Cafe: Kagurazaka Saryo



Shibuya Mark City West 2F


  • 1000 / 1000