Fumiko. H Memorial Hall Ep.3

This is the third episode of the series report on Hayashi Fumiko Memorial Hall in Shinjuku ward, Tokyo.

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This room could be one of the highlights of this memorial hall, which is Fumiko's study. As you can see, the vibe this room generates is so unique and intense. 

Shoji paper screen doors limit sights & lights effectively, but the room itself looks really cozy. Probably, this ambience was indispensable for her creative work.

Again, this room was also given a nice ventilation allowing the air to go through between its north and south.

Phenomenal  Garden

The garden here is really well-maintained & the guide told me they're trying to make it as close as possible to the original. 

Considering the intensity of urbanization in Shinjuku Ward, this greenery is incredibly valuable.

Don't forget to look above to take a pic of astonishing bamboo trees!

I just hope more gardeners & arch-fans hit this spot, easily accessible from the central Shinjuku area!

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To be continued to Ep.4

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