Inageya: where to buy your food!

If you're planning your trip to Tokyo, you might be a bit concerned about food. Of course, I know some of our food like sushi & ramen have already become global food (weirdly enough), but you can't keep eating them throughout your stay here (unless you're a huge fun of them)

So what I recommend you is browsing a supermarket, which tends to represent the real needs of local people. Actually, this is my favorite activity while I'm on vacation. A selection of items, store size, price can see some interesting differences from one store to another.

One popular supermarket brand in Tokyo is this, Inageya. They mainly sell a variety of grocery, but some kitchen goods or daily necessities are also available. 

The biggest reason why they're getting greater support from local residents is freshness with vegetables, fruits and even bread! If you hit their store at the right time, you can enjoy a wide variety of super crispy or soft bread like I did the other day. 

This is one of the most popular kinds of bread in Japan, "curry bread" (curry-pan in Japanese) Typically, it's deep fried & hold curry inside, but the one I got from here was damn good! 

"Curry pan"

Firstly, the flavor of the curry inside was authentic with the hint of some spices and the amount of it was maybe 25% more than the average curry bread you see in Japan. Secondly, this chunky piece of pork. I guess most bakeries in Tokyo can't be as generous as them in offering same type of bread. 

Next one is "German dog", from the same bakery section of Inageya. Sausage in center is really thick & provides a nice snap. In addition, the dough wrapping around is soft enough to be a perfect partner with the sausage. 

"German Dog"

Bakery is not the only section you should check in this market. Deli kitchen offers you so many options like deep fried stuff, tempura & even seasonal grilled fish. 

"Deep Fried Calamari"

If you're a health conscious eater, check out a salad section. There's also a variety in types, sauces & sizes, so you can easily pick up the one you really want. My favorite is "Seaweed salad". Wakame seaweed is one of the most common salad toppings here.

"Seaweed Salad"

Why don't you utilize some supermarkets you see on the streets here to make your trip budget-friendly?

Thanks for reading.

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