Tokyo Ramen Report: Ajigen Kokubunji

Kokubunji is one of the major stations on the JR Chuo line, which mainly connects Takao with Tokyo station. Basically, neighborhoods around this line have been popular among house-hunters for years due to their convenience. 

Though most of those areas seem to have already been developed more or less, streets in Kokubunji still look very moderate. Certainly, there're lots of restaurants or eating places around the station, but it's not at an overwhelming level like we see in Kichijoji or Shinjuku.

In fact, the small blocks around JR Kokubinji station could be such a fun place for ramen lovers. Even walking around for just a couple of minutes would leads you to 6 or 7 ramen places without effort.

Then the ramen place I introduce this time from the area is Ajigen, which specializes in Hokkaido style ramen. (though the definition of each ramen style is becoming vaguer and more expedient nowadays...)

As you can see here, this place is also cozy like other typical ramen places in Japan. On the day when I ate at the shop, there were only two workers, but both were smiley & energetic. That's a good sign.

And this is what I ordered, "Kogashi-Ninniku Shio", ¥850. (about $9) "Kogashi-Ninniku" means "seared-garlic". You can easily guess where that "additional kick of garlic" is located on at a glance.

Hit the spot! This is a perfect dish for your Friday night dinner to wrap up your busy week days. Contrary to your first impression, this soup isn't so thick and muddy.Very well-balanced. You can enjoy the taste of based broth and punchy garlic flavor in harmony.

To be honest, if a sliced char-siu pork (grilled pork) was a bit thicker, I would have no complaint about this. But thinking about its price of ¥850, it's fair for this dish to get more than 85 points out of 100.

If you're getting tired of bustling vibe in Shibuya or Shinjuku, why not take a short train ride to Kokubunji to keep your Ramen adventure in Tokyo?

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Posted by 3e-Tokyo

Ajigen Kokubunji:

open: 10:00am-2:00am (Sun-Thu)

          11:00am-5:00am (Fri & Sat)

Menu: here 


  • 1000 / 1000