Tokyo cafe report: Saryo Kichijoji

Goodness of Japanese food! This was the very first impression I got from this place.

Kagurazaka Saryo, as its name suggests, this brand's original location is in Kagurazaka,Tokyo. (the area where a number of high-class Japanese restaurants fiercely compete with one another) And the word ”Saryo” means Japanese tea room or a restaurant serving traditional Japanese food along with such a vibe.

It's not so common for such a high-profile cafe restaurant to tenant in the fashion building like Marui in Kichijoji, which has been a destination for fashion addicted girls for years. 

There are some fast-foodish eating places in the building, located just a block away from JR Kichijoji station. And as I've already mentioned in previous articles, Kichijoji has been the most popular city especially among hipsters, so menus & pricing should have been a huge key to success st this location. 

From my perspective, they seem to have handled those issues properly. Despite the healthy menus they offer (including Japanese sweets), most of them are priced at around  ¥1000. (about $10) In terms of a set menu, you have some options to choose from such as white or multi-grain rice for staple, main soup and 2 small dishes out of 3.

This is how your set consists of.

I ordered Kyoto-style pork pot-au-feu for my soup. Full of healthy vegetables & the pieces of pork were thick! Thinly shredded ginger provides a nice kick.

I added grated yam on the multi-grain rice. This is a killer.

If you want to try something very Japanese at ease, (without worrying about strict manners like sometimes you are required at Japanese tea ceremony) this is the place to go. For those with sweet tooth, their matcha sweets could be one of the highlights of your trip.

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Posted by 3e-Tokyo

Kichijoji Saryo

open: 10:00am-21:00pm (last order 20:30pm) / 365 days

On the ground floor of Marui Kichijoji


  • 1000 / 1000